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this is a test … [Read more...]

[Video] Why Your Strategic Plan Means Nothing Without This

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For a small business owner investing the time to dig deep and construct a plan that sets a course for the future of the business is a big deal. One of the biggest challenges though is getting the team on board, and that's where alignment comes in. … [Read more...]

Two Most Important Words In Performance Management

Yin Yang

Responsibility and accountability aren’t the yin yang of performance management. In fact, they are supposed to work together. As business owners we sometimes haphazardly interchange them. And, when we do we're not always aware of the impact it can … [Read more...]

Build a Strategic Plan That Follows the KISS Principle

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Here’s the sometimes familiar inter-voice of a small business owner… “I really need to build a plan for my business this year.  But we’re busy and I don’t have time for that now.  Anyways, what we’re doing now is working pretty good.  Sure it … [Read more...]

12 Ways To Dramatically Improve Cash Flow

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It takes cash to grow a business. Everyone knows that. But, not everyone is effective at improving cash flow. Here are 12 ways to reduce your cash cycle and improve your cash flow…  Stop saying, “Well, this is just the way it is.” Have your … [Read more...]

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