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The Challenge

Every day, business owners go it alone making decisions they hope will keep their businesses heading towards a destination they may not have even mapped out yet. Too focused on what’s happening day-to-day, they fail to develop themselves into better, smarter business owners. Then when their business begins to suffer from growth pains, in hindsight they wish they had done things differently and had reached out for help.

The Opportunity

You've created a business that still has untapped potential, yet it's already an all-consuming full time job for you. How will it continue to grow if you're maxed-out? By learning to be better at working ON your business, that's how. Investing quality time to think strategically, plan the future, analyze results and discover trends, while uncovering bottlenecks, identifying solutions, and orchestrating changes necessary to keep it healthy and growing.

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The Prescription

There’s no badges awarded for doing it all yourself, and there’s no shame in asking for help. You can invest even more time in trying to learn on your own, and experiment through trial and error, or you can enlist our help. We will accelerate the process by helping to identify the areas of opportunity in your business, and sharing proven strategies to accelerate results. Owners who learn to build leverage in their businesses know this is the prescription for success.

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Asa Beavers

Meet Asa Beavers

Asa is the lead business strategist at Redline and an authority on increasing performance in small businesses. He does that by helping business owners uncover the bottlenecks in their business that may be holding them back, and by implementing strategies to unlock the full potential of the business. Asa is extremely effective in getting business owners to work ON their business by showing them what they need to be doing and how to do it.  Read more about how Asa works with clients...​